Fake People

and I’m not talking fake body parts here…I’m talking about people who will tell you one thing to your face and then turn around and say the complete opposite to someone else.  Their actions do not match their words or beliefs.  They claim they love God, but 2 minutes later take God’s name in vain.  What about you??  Do your actions match your beliefs?? Or are you just like most of the people around you??  I’m honestly sick of people who say “I care about you.  If there’s anything you need, just call.”  Then your car breaks down at 3 in the morning and you call them and they either don’t answer or get upset with you for calling at such an hour.  Then there’s the “I believe in God” crowd, but they’re the ones you see with the 72 inch flat screen TV that couldn’t spare a dime for you when your electricity was about to be turned off.  How many people like this do you know??  Think about it, really think about it…I’ll bet you know more people like this than you think.  Then there’s the “I’m your friend” people that are friends with you as long as you can do something for them, but the minute you can’t help them out they’re not your friend anymore…until the next time they need something.  There’s also the “friends” that are nice to your face, but talk crap about you behind your back.  I’m so sick of fake people…just be real…be YOURSELF!!


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