random thought

People are offended by a child dressing up as Jesus for Halloween, yet a young girl or woman can wear the shortest shorts and an itty bitty shirt, but does anybody make a big deal about it?  No, in fact the girl most likely wouldn’t even be sent home from school for dressing like that, but the little boy dressed as Jesus did because he offended people.  It seems that anybody can wear anything else, but please don’t dress like Jesus and offend some people that way.  Please wear next to nothing out in public and offend some, but cause others to look so hard that you cause a car accident.  That makes sense right?

So the next time I see a young woman dressed in a short skirt and a tiny shirt can I go up to her and say “Excuse me miss, but that outfit offends me, can you go home and change please?”  I could, but she would probably tell me that she has the right to dress any way she pleases.  And why do young girls feel like they have to dress so provocatively just to get a little attention??  Wake up parents!!  If you do not give your daughters the attention they want and need they will find another way to get it from where ever they can.  Build up their self esteem so that when some boy comes along and tells them they’re beautiful they won’t be so shocked.  Tell them you love them so that when that same boy that told them they’re beautiful tells them that he loves them, they don’t feel like they owe that boy something in return.


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