Growing up in Blaine, WA

So I grew up in this little town called Blaine, WA.  It’s in the very northwest corner of the state.  It’s the last town you hit before crossing the border into Canada.  Anyway, I moved there when I was pretty young.  I started kindergarten there I think about a year or so after we moved there.  Before I started kindergarten we moved onto 11th Street.  Our house was right across the street from the high school and middle school.  It made getting ready for school in the morning pretty easy.  I could wake up at 7:30 and get ready and still be to school way before anybody else.  The thing I loved about living in Blaine was that EVERYBODY knew EVERYBODY.  I know my sister hated it because Mom usually knew if she had done something wrong before Mom even got home from work.  I miss living in a little tiny town, but at the same time I like not having to drive 20 miles to get the stuff we need.  Most of my family also lived in Blaine, most of them have moved away, but my grandma and aunt and uncle still live there in the same houses that they lived in when I was there.  From the pictures I’ve seen A LOT has changed, but I think a lot has stayed the same too.


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