Wow, where have I been???

So much has happened since April…my girls first real season of baseball has ended.  Amaya played tee-ball and didn’t seem to enjoy much until we got to her last game and then she decided to bring out the the big bats and actually tried to stop a ball instead of watching it roll by her.  Hayley played baseball and did really well in practice, but game time was a whole nother story, but she still wants to play next year so she must have had some kind of fun.  LJ will be 1 in a couple weeks and is already walking.  Of course he had to be different and start walking before he turned 1.  His sisters waited until they were about 14 months old to start walking.  Lance found an awesome job that he starts on Monday.  I had my gallbladder removed and am still trying to recover.  I have a hard time admitting that it’s still a little painful to do the things I know I need to do, so I just do those things anyway and deal with the pain.  I watched the movie ‘Fireproof’ for the second time tonight and even though Lance and I’s relationship is pretty good, I still see room for improvement.  I think the biggest thing that hit me from the movie is that God loves us even though we don’t deserve His love, but He loves us anyway.  Even when we’ve pushed Him away and spat in His face, He still loves us.   I feel so incredibly loved and so undeserving at the same time.