About Me

This could get messy, but here it goes anyway.  My name is Michelle.  I’m married to Lance.  We were married April 15, 2000.  Yes, Tax Day…he has no excuse for not remembering now.  We have 3 wonderful children.  Hayley is 8 (born 10/14/2000).  Amaya is 7 (born 3/6/2003).  Our son LJ (aka Bubbies) was born on June 26th, 2008.  Just one day after Daddy’s birthday.  I am currently attending Grand Canyon University, working on my Bachelor’s in Psychology.   I was born in Frankfurt, Germany in an Army Base Hospital (both of my parents were in the service).  From Germany we moved to Georgia where my sister was born a couple years after me.  From Georgia we moved to a little town in Washington state called Blaine.  I lived there up until May of 1999 when I moved to Phoenix, Arizona and have been here ever since.  I am a wife, mother, daughter and sister, but most importantly I am a FOLLOWER OF CHRIST.  I love Jesus and the sacrifice that was made for us all.

The LOVES of my life!


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