Set Me Free

Do you remember the person you were before you met Jesus and accepted Him as your Savior?  Do you remember all the things you did that you thought no one could forgive you of?  Well I know Jesus forgives ALLLLLL of our sins, but we also need to forgive ourselves and get past the guilt and shame.  Set yourself free of your past.  I know just how hard this is because I, myself, am in the process of doing the same thing.  I did a lot of things I’m not proud of, but the past is the past and you can’t undo it.  It helps us form who we are, sure we’d love to go back and change some things, but in the end you’d change as a person.  I kind of like the person I am now, wish I was a little bit more confident, but overall I feel I’m a pretty good person.  I don’t know that I could say that if I hadn’t gone through some of the things that I went through.  I’m sure, in time, that God will show me how these things are going to be or were used for His glory. 

Now I’m not going to get into all the things that I did, because people will read this and use those things to hang over my head.  The guilt and the shame are the chains that are holding me down and every once in a while Satan will get ahold of this information and use it to bring me down even further.  All I know is that I WANT TO BE FREE!!!  Free from the guilt and free from the shame and embarassment…I will get there one day with God’s help and the help of a few of my friends.  Does anybody else want to be free of their shameful past???  Am I alone here??